Social Skills Support 


Skills to Reach Independence

 Cooking & Social Program

  Meal Focused Social Group

Functional Life Skills

 Wednesday  5:00 - 9:00 pm 

Weekly Sessions


(includes groceries for the meals)


  • promote communication and socialization

  • practice critical life skills

  • in-person grocery shopping

  • using a debit card  

  • planning the meals,

  • cooking and food safety 

  • following and delegating

Saturday social

Our social club and coaching services are specifically designed to provide growth for teens & young adults living with Autism or other Neurodiverse challenges

Programs Details:

Time: 1pm-5pm

Location: 16 Dunsmore Gardens, North York

Price:  $400 (all 4 weeks)


 Focus on real conversations for change through

peer-to-peer interactions.

We have a group of wonderful volunteers and staff to

support the conversations your teens want to have


This will be a great opportunity to socialize and gain real-time interactions with peers and become more independent

and grow their personal confidence


The experience includes:


Meaningful conversations

Music jams/singalong

Interactive board games


Social media guidance

Transit practice/city exploration


We have limited space so please let us know

ASAP if you are interested

Receipts can be claimed under Passport funding or Psychotherapy


COVId 19 imapct

We are doing our best to provide services to support your unique needs:
- Social isolation
- Loneliness
- Mental Health 
- Growth and development 
These have all been impacted by the pandemic and we are here to have the conversation to help you help your teen.
We offer access to student mental health counselors for FREE
We offer personalized programs for your teens needs
We are here to fill the gaps. Just let us know what they are.

Individual support 

If your child 12+ is looking for

focused communication experience

Book our one to one specialist for: 



Writing ( recall or journaling)

Social Media Etiquette

Learn Board/Card Games